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“Hawraz” (uphill in Kurdish) which contains the ups and down of human life, is in deep association with mountains here. Humans always live in borders. The definition of “Hawraz” is this, to live in dangers consistently. Their encounter with adversities all the time causes them to see their life in the edge of ruination and ravages

In this collection I have tried to show both critical and magnificent views of humans about mountains. However, the opposition of them creates remarkable ambiguities about both presence and infiltration of the human life and greatness of his outlook about nature. Disruptive forms that don’t resemble mountains any more in the warfare

At last but not least we, the new possessors of nature have changed our biological strategy encounter whit mountains from their essence of sanctity to conquest and vandalism. This is the image of humans that entertain thoughts of ending this gift whit their madness

Heval Qorbani Tajandar, Spring 2017