The Most Mysterious Mountains in India, by the Numbers

The Most Mysterious Mountains in India, by the Numbers

The mountains of India are the largest, with their sheer size making them a natural treasure trove for adventurers.

However, for those of us living in the countryside, we are more likely to find a few of them a little less familiar. 

In a way, they are like the proverbial stonehenge, as they are often overlooked by locals.

However this may change soon as a new project by India’s largest national park is set to make them a tourist attraction for visitors of all ages. 

Atlas Mountain Range The first thing to know about this mountain range is that it is not located in India. 

The mountain range was created in 1934 when a small river carved a canyon in the plains of western India.

It is the longest river in the world and its source of water is known as the Brahmaputra. 

Although the water from this source is known to be very salty, it is believed that the river itself was very stable and was never flooded. 

A surveyor named Jharkhand was also responsible for the creation of the mountain range.

His plan was to construct a series of tunnels which would lead to a cave in the mountain.

These tunnels would be lined with stone to make the caves look like they were made of glass. 

It was during this project that the name of the entire mountain range was changed to Atlas. 

This new name came to be known as “The Most Mysterious Mountain Range in India” after the discovery of a cave, and has been called “The most mysterious mountain in the universe”. 

In fact, the entire country has been referred to as Atlas by the local people, which is why the area has been nicknamed “Avalanche Mountain” or “Avalon Mountain”. 

What you can see in the image below is a map of the whole mountain range: The largest cave is known for being in the region of Thakurathangarh near Pankajapuram.

The other caves in the area are known for having water sources in the mountains, but the biggest one in the entire region is believed to be in the area of the Caves of Krishna near Amethi. 

Source: Google Maps

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