Watch: A mural depicting the Sawtooth Mountain Range mural will be on display in the US for the first time

Watch: A mural depicting the Sawtooth Mountain Range mural will be on display in the US for the first time

ZANSKAR, Kazakhstan — The Sawtooths mountain range has been on display at the Zanskar Art Museum since 2004.

But the museum’s permanent artworks have not been seen for years.

A mural of a mountain range will be displayed in the Zani Art Museum in northern Kazakhstan.

The mural is a depiction of the Sawthor mountain range that spans the region from northern Kazakhstan’s border with Kazakhstan to the Russian border with Uzbekistan.

The painting is on loan from the Zanadan Gallery of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum has been using it as a permanent exhibit.

It is a tribute to the natural beauty of the mountains of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as to the unique landscape of the region.

Zanadan gallery curator Izzet Yagutayev told Al Jazeera that the mural, which depicts a forest, mountains and mountainside, has become a symbol of the world and a way of sharing the natural environment.

Yagutays art director told Aljazeera that the artwork is inspired by a book called “The Mountains of Kazakhstan,” which has been published by the American publisher, Random House.

“This was a book that I wanted to tell the world about the mountains in Kazakhstan, the landscape of Kazakhstan.

I want to make it more visible,” he said.

The Zani art museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in the northern province of Gurye, and was opened in 2009.

Its main exhibition space is located at the airport.

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