Why the Lad Bible is the world’s most important religious text

Why the Lad Bible is the world’s most important religious text

The Lad is the oldest known book in the world.

It has been translated into more than 100 languages.

It is considered the most authoritative source on the life of Jesus Christ.

And it is also an incredibly popular text, with about a million copies printed and sold in more than 180 countries.

But the Lad’s origins are a mystery.

It doesn’t exist.

What is it?

How did it get there?

And how does it compare with the Bible?

That’s the question we will explore in our new podcast, The Lad Book, which will be broadcast on Radio 4 this Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

Today’s episode explores the origins of the Lad, and why it’s such a popular text in a world where a huge amount of religious literature is written.

What’s the Lad?

Ladar is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘little book’.

It is a collection of short, unstructured texts.

They’re not written down, they’re written on a piece of paper, and they are usually in a form that can be read.

They can be spoken, but the spoken words are usually quite long.

It can be translated from Sanskrit into many different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and Italian.

The Lad has been around for a very long time, and it’s one of the most important sources on Jesus.

What does it say?

According to the Lad scripture, Jesus came to Peru from the Himalayas.

That’s in the Himalayan region, around Mount Everest.

But it also says he was a traveller, and came from the “mountain lands of the east”, which are China, India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh.

He went back to the north.

What was his goal?

Jesus was there to teach people to walk on water, to heal people, to speak in tongues, to give healing to others.

And he went to the mountaintop to give them a message about the world and the end of time.

And that’s what he’s teaching today, and to me that’s his mission.

What happened to the Bible when it got lost?

The Lad says Jesus did not die in his own body, but died in his mother Mary’s womb.

And when he came back to Earth, he took up the mantle of the King of Kings, and became the first ruler of the new world.

How did Jesus survive the crucifixion?

The Bible is written in two books, the Old and New Testaments.

In the Old Testament, Jesus died in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In New Testament, he died at the crossroads of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

In both, Jesus was crucified.

Why did the Lad survive the destruction of Jerusalem?

In the first two books of the Bible, Jesus’ crucifixion was caused by an earthquake.

But in the third book of the Old Testament, Jesus is crucified because he’s the son of God.

The Old Testament was written in Greek, and the New Testament was in Hebrew.

What did Jesus say?

In Matthew, the story goes that Jesus was visiting his mother, Mary, in Jerusalem when the earthquake happened.

In this story, Mary is trying to comfort her son, Jesus, who was in prison.

Mary tells him that she has been praying for him and praying for his mother.

So she’s praying for God to forgive her son for what he had done, and that Jesus is his son and he’s a king, and he will be king over Israel.

And she tells him to go to his mother and ask her to comfort him.

And Jesus says, “Go.”

And she goes to Jesus and says, “‘Why is your mother praying for you?

Have you been praying?'”

And he said, “No, I have been praying.

My mother says I’m praying.”

So she says, ‘Go, and pray for me.’

“And Jesus goes and he says, He has been taken out of his mother’s womb, she is dead.

And so he says to his disciples, “Why did he come to me?”

And the disciples say, ‘He was crucifying him.’

And Jesus said, ‘No, he was cruciating you, because he has crucified me.

‘So, he has been crucified.’

And so Jesus goes out of the Garden and he comes to the disciples and he said to them, “Take up your cross, for it is Jesus Christ crucified.”

And they took up their crosses.

So they walked on the cross and he took them off and he came to his home, and Mary says to her son: “I have been looking for you.”

And Jesus comes back to her and he tells her to come and pray with him.

So Jesus says to the other disciples, I was crucating you because I was afraid that you would go and ask for me.

But you said, Jesus. And I said

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