How many people live in the world’s deserts?

How many people live in the world’s deserts?

By now, most people will have heard of deserts.

They’re an essential part of our global climate and the world is becoming increasingly arid.

They are also one of the most abundant and important habitats for animals, as they provide a rich source of food and water.

But there are still a few remaining deserts, and this article explores what we can learn about the vastness of the deserts, including where we are in terms of human population density and the extent of biodiversity in the desert.

For the uninitiated, the term deserts refers to the deserts that lie on the far north and south-eastern margins of the Earth.

This region is home to a vast array of species, ranging from the mighty camels of the Arabian Desert to the diminutive but hugely important pangolin.

Deserts are also home to the world famous arid deserts of the Sahara, the Mojave Desert and the Tibetan Plateau.

This article will look at the desert and the impact of climate change on the range of animals that inhabit it.

The Deserts of the North and South-East Asia region Deserts around the world are divided into two broad regions: deserts of North and south east Asia.

There are several types of deserts in the region, including desert of the north, desert of south east and desert of east.

The desert of north and west Asia is dominated by the arid plains of the Indus River valley, the largest river in the Indian subcontinent.

These plains are home to many large animals such as elephants, camels, buffaloes, campervans and cattle.

In contrast, desert in south east are dominated by dry, mountainous areas that are rich in natural resources.

These include the Himalayan region, the Ganges River Valley, the Tibetan plateau, the Sundarbans and the Karakoram.

In the deserts of south-east Asia, the range is dominated more by the plains of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Laos and Cambodia.

The deserts of South-east Asian deserts, called the Himalayas, are home of the largest mountain ranges in the global ocean, the Great Himalayan range.

These mountain ranges stretch across India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Tibet.

They stretch for more than a thousand miles from the border of India and Nepal to the Tibetan and Karakorum ranges.

In addition, they have some of the highest mountain ranges of any area of the world, and are home at least to a handful of species of animals, including elephants, bison, elephants, rhinoceroses, hippos, giraffes, leopards, hippopotamuses, and tigers.

The world’s largest mountain range is in the Tibetan Himalaya range, a range of more than 9,000 miles in length, stretching from China to India, and spanning from the Tibetan Autonomous Region to the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

The Gobi is the third-largest river in Asia and is a major water source for the region.

In fact, it is the second largest river on earth, after the Yangtze.

The Yangtse also forms part of the Indian Ocean.

The land in the Himalaya ranges is a fertile land with plenty of grazing animals, but it is also home of many rare and threatened species of plants and animals.

These range are found in the Ganga River basin in India, the Jhelum River basin of China, the Khumbu River basin and the Brahmaputra River basin.

These river basins are also rich in minerals such as gold and diamonds.

The range of the Himalays is also rich with ancient ruins of ancient cities, including the ancient city of Sushruta in India and the ancient capital of Delhi in China.

The area of India that borders China, Bhangirhat, India, also forms a part of this large range of mountains and plains.

In this area of Himalayasia, there are some areas of the Great Basin and the Gange River that are more fertile.

In Tibet, the plateau ranges are divided between the Himalakas and the Tibet Plateau, which is home of most of the Tibetan people.

The Himalayat range is home mostly to Tibetans and other Tibetans living in the areas of Bhangarhat, Sikkim, Gansu and Qinghai provinces of China.

This is the most densely populated part of Tibet.

The region of Tibet also has one of most dense populations in the entire world, as about 1,000 people per square kilometre are estimated to live there.

In India, where the Himalas are divided, there is a separate Himalayan Plateau and the rest of the country is called the Great Tibetan Plateaus.

The Great Tibetan plateau extends from India to the Tibet-Burma border.

The plateau range stretches for almost 3,000 kilometers from India’s northernmost tip to its southernmost tip, and is home, among other animals, to the mighty mountain gor

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