Hokkaido Mountain Range Becomes a Monster Mountain: The Japanese Forest that Made It Into a World Heritage Site

Hokkaido Mountain Range Becomes a Monster Mountain: The Japanese Forest that Made It Into a World Heritage Site

Japanese Forest is being called “The Most Dangerous Forest on Earth” after an explosion of activity over the past two years that has been dubbed “Hokkendo” in Japanese.

The mountain range is currently home to some 5,000 animals, and some of them are still active.

It is one of the most threatened forests in the world, and is also one of Japan’s top tourist attractions.

In the past year, a total of 30 people have been killed in the forest, according to Japan’s Forestry Agency.

Over the past several years, a lot of people have tried to escape from the mountain range, but so far, only two have managed to do so.

A few months ago, a young man from Hokkendo fell into the mountain, and was taken to hospital.

After an initial investigation, the police determined that the man had been hit by a car.

The driver, who had been driving the vehicle, was found to have had some alcohol in his system.

Hokkanjima mountain range near Himeji Prefecture, Japan.

One of the main roads into the forest.

Two people have died in the past 10 days in the Hokkadenjima forest.

It is not clear how they died, but there are reports of injuries from a car crash.

This image shows a mountain that was once home to a group of wolves that were hunted by humans in the 19th century.

There are currently five large mountain ranges in the northern part of the country, which is a huge chunk of the Japanese territory.

They range from the Hokkanjimaya mountain range in the north to the Sengoku mountain range just to the east.

Another image shows the Shingo mountain range on Hokkendō mountain in Hokkaidō prefecture.

More than a dozen villages and a large area of forest have been destroyed by fire in the Singoku mountain region, which covers most of Hokkajima.

Forest fires in the Japanese mountains.

Japanese Forest.

Kaneko mountain, also known as Hokkajo mountain, is located in Hokokaido, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

According to the Japanese Forest Agency, the forest is home to 5,600 animals.

For many people, Hokkago is a place where nature meets modern life, and the mountain is a gateway to this paradise.

Source: Buzzfeed

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