How to be a badass mountain lion at the movies

How to be a badass mountain lion at the movies

In a crowded theater at the beginning of a new year, you might be shocked to find yourself surrounded by other mountain lions, and you might think, “I’d rather just have a drink and relax!”

That is, until you see one of these mountain lions.

In this week’s episode, we explore the mountain lion’s role in the cinema, as well as some of the most iconic scenes from cinema history.

We also take a look at the importance of “tactics” in the film world, and the role of big-screen actors in this new era of filmmaking.

Plus, we review the best films of 2017.


______________________________ “You’ll be the one who’s the last one to leave.”

-Davy Crockett, “The Big Chill” (1932) (source: “Crockett” Crocketts (aka The Big Chill) is one of the greatest athletes of all time, and a member of the all-time great American football teams.

He won the Heisman Trophy in 1930, and was also a six-time MVP and a four-time Super Bowl champion.

He was also the NFL’s all-Time Leading Passer for six consecutive seasons from 1952-1954.

The Big Bang Theory Episode #27:  The Big Bang theory: the science behind the Big Bang and the Universe Episode title:  A Big Bang with a bang!

How did it start? 

The Big bang theory: The origin story of the universe, and how it came into existence by chance.

It’s a story of how our universe came into being, and who created it. 

Read more…

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