What to know about Louisiana’s new ‘wild’ wilderness areas

What to know about Louisiana’s new ‘wild’ wilderness areas

In the wake of the death of an Appalachian mountain lion last month, a handful of mountain lions in the area have been designated as wilderness areas.

These areas, which are being created by the Louisiana Wildlife Management Commission, are open to the public and are located along the Appalachian foothills of the state’s eastern seaboard.

In some cases, these wilderness areas are designated as “wilderness areas in nature”, but there are a few caveats.

These wilderness areas do not include protected areas for hunting, trapping, or the protection of animals.

There are currently only about 20 of these wilderness area sites in Louisiana, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

“We’re not going to put the entire state of Louisiana into one wilderness area,” said Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Director of Conservation, Paul D. Odom.

“But it’s one of the first places we’ve got designated as a wilderness area.”

Odom, who oversees the commission, said that the commission was also working on new conservation plans for the area.

“This is going to be a big deal, because it is really important to the mountain lion population,” Odom said.

“The mountain lion is a very, very important species to us.”

The commission has been working to create the “wildwest” designation by setting up a wilderness zone around the Mount Airy Wildlife Preserve in New Orleans and the Bienville Wildlife Sanctuary in Lafayette.

These conservation areas will provide wildlife with the opportunity to migrate between the wilds of Louisiana and the rest of the United States. 

A mountain lion sighting in Louisiana last week A mountain lions sightings in Louisiana were the latest in a series of events that have led to the creation of this new wilderness area.

In March, a mountain lion was seen in the woods near the Bierstadt Wilderness in New Port Richey, and in June, a white male was spotted near the site of the Mount Everest Trail in New Largo, which has also been designated a wilderness.

Last week, a pair of mountain lion cubs were spotted near a pair that was spotted in the New Lobb Mountains, about 20 miles north of New Orleans.

“A mountain dog was seen just before dawn this morning near Mount Airay and in the early morning hours of Friday, July 13th, 2017,” the New Orleans Post-Dispatch reported.

The cubs are believed to be about one year old.

 “We have had multiple mountain dogs in New New Orleans for some time,” Odehm told ABC News.

“And we have a mountain dog at the Mount Ararat Wildlife Refuge and we have mountain dogs on Mount Aireys.

There’s also a mountain wolf.

So it’s been a long time coming, but the people of New New Paris and the surrounding area, the people that live there, are so grateful for this new designation.”

Odehms department has been involved in wildlife protection efforts in the region since at least 2004, when he was a conservation officer for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

“In 2005, I was on the commission and we were working to protect the New New Lipps Mountain Dog in New York,” he said. 

“The problem was, the dog wasn’t even a dog,” Odohm continued.

“It was a small dog, and when the commission came in, the problem was that the dogs were not treated as pets.

And we had to find another solution.”

Odohnys department was working with other state and local agencies to get a permit to have the dogs legally treated as protected wildlife, which would allow them to be released into the wild.

But in August, Odehnys agency was approached by an animal protection group and the group was able to secure a permit for the dogs to be able to roam freely in the wild in New Paris. 

 “It was really amazing, because the dogs just ran in the open, they just ran all over the place,” Odhm said.

In the weeks following, the group went to New Loyals first wilderness area, where they encountered several mountain dogs.

One of the dogs was the same dog that was seen at the New PortRichey and Mount Airys locations.

Odehdoms department was able then to have both the dogs release into the New Paris area. 

As a result, Odohms wildlife department was notified that there were two mountain dogs that were no longer being handled by his department.

“I had a very hard time with the issue because it was just a matter of hours before we got an email from the department and said, ‘There’s another dog here,'” Odehs said.

Odohs department also took on the responsibility of tracking the dogs. 

“Our dogs were tracking the mountain dogs for some hours before the department realized that it was the mountain dog,” he continued.

Odhs agency was able, at the request of the New France Parks and Wildlife Department,

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