What the history books won’t tell you about the first mountain range on the planet

What the history books won’t tell you about the first mountain range on the planet

The history books will tell you that Mount Everest is the oldest mountain on Earth.

But they won’t mention that the peak is also the largest in South America, which has a similar height.

This isn’t surprising, because the mountain range stretches across Asia and Africa and, in fact, extends into South America.

But it is surprising that this region has not been visited by scientists.

That was until recently, when scientists began surveying the region’s mountains in an effort to discover the geological significance of their past.

The team has now discovered that the region has some of the most active geological formations on Earth, as well as some of its earliest geological structures.

These features include a large rock formation called the Karakoram Formation, an impact crater at the edge of the plateau and an ancient river valley that formed when a volcanic eruption occurred.

The Karakas are part of a large region that is located at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and Eurasian landmass.

This region is considered one of the two continents and the second largest on Earth after Antarctica.

The Karakans are also one of a few areas of the planet that has been covered in ice.

This is because of the climate change which has caused the ice sheet on the continent to melt.

The glaciers in the Karas, however, have survived, and scientists think that the melting ice is a consequence of the large scale volcanic activity that occurred in the region.

It is in the Himalayas that scientists have uncovered some of their most intriguing finds, such as the famous Ganga-Bhagalpur valley.

The area, which was once a lush jungle, is now an open, watery landscape.

Scientists have uncovered many of the same geologic features found in the mountains of South America and Europe.

The river Ganga, which once flowed through this valley, has been found to flow over the Himalayan mountains, but the scientists believe that it has a different function in the area than the other rivers that flow through the Himalaya.

This river, they believe, formed when the glaciers that cover the region were covered by a giant sheet of ice.

The scientists also discovered evidence of the formation of a river system, the Ganges, in the valley.

This region, known as the Karamali River Valley, is known for its extraordinary landscape.

It contains one of India’s largest and most spectacular geologic formations, known by the name Ganga.

The formation is an intricate network of channels and channels of rock that run down from the river.

The Ganges River is believed to be the largest river in the world, with a depth of about 500 feet.

It is also known as Brahmaputra, after its ancient Sanskrit name.

In the Himalays, the region of the Ganga River is home to a large number of archaeological sites, many of which were discovered during a survey in the 1970s.

While the scientists were working on the Gange River Valley survey, they stumbled upon a series of ancient river systems that had formed during the ancient Vedic era.

These rivers are believed to have flowed through the Karimabad region of India, which is known as Kashi.

These ancient rivers formed the Gokul-Vadodara River in the early Vedic period, and it has been a part of India ever since.

Scientists believe that the Gopis and other rivers, which were later named after Hindu gods, may have been the source of these ancient rivers.

The researchers also discovered that ancient Indian structures have been found along the Karan-Srihari-Gopi river system.

There are also many other discoveries made by the researchers in the past few years.

For instance, in 2007, they discovered evidence that the ancient Indian language may have once been spoken in the vicinity of the Karal-Jyoti River in India.

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