How do you design a beautiful mountain range in Bangladesh?

How do you design a beautiful mountain range in Bangladesh?

Designed by two architects, the stunning mountains in the foothills of the Himalayas are set to transform Bangladesh into the world’s first ‘mountain city’.

The mountains of Baghpat, in the western part of the country, have been the subject of intense speculation over the last decade, with some saying they were a threat to the lives of the Bangladeshi people.

The mountains were proposed as part of a plan to redevelop the entire city of Bhatinda, and were designed by the architects of the famed architectural firm, Kishore, and architect and landscape architect, Mamdouh Qadri.

The city of 1.2 million people has been under construction since 2011, and the city’s ambitious plans include the construction of a major railway line, a shopping mall, and even a large park.

Baghpat is a major industrial area, with over 40 per cent of the population living in the city, according to the government’s census.

The area is also home to some of the world´s tallest peaks, with a peak measuring 4,947 metres.

The proposed mountain range would span 1,000 kilometres and is set to become the worldʼs tallest mountain, the tallest in the world, according the architect.

“The Baghpats mountains are the natural environment of Bangladesh, and they should be protected and developed for the benefit of the people,” Qadris said in a statement.

The architects said the design for the mountains would be a “strategic choice” to preserve the natural beauty and the ecology of the landscape.

The architects also suggested the creation of a series of cultural and educational projects in the mountains.

“These projects would bring people together to learn about the beauty of the mountains and to experience its uniqueness,” the statement read.

“The people will be able to interact with the mountain, learn about its natural environment and explore its culture through cultural activities and exhibitions.”

The mountains in Baghpit are not the only one that have been a source of speculation about the design of Bangladesh’s new mountain city.

Many local communities have been opposed to the construction due to the large number of people living in areas that are already underdeveloped.

The city of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, was also criticized for the proposed design of the mountain range.

While many locals support the development of the city in general, a large number have voiced opposition to the plan due to its proposed development of a massive railway line and its construction of the mega-park, The National, which would feature a theme park, shopping mall and other public spaces.

The proposed project, dubbed ‘Bangladesh City,’ is set for completion in 2021.

The designers of the project have stated that they have not yet had the opportunity to discuss with local communities, who are not included in the design, the project’s impact on them, and how it will affect their everyday lives.

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