India unveils ‘Mount Everest’ for ‘Mounts, Lakes and Mountains’

India unveils ‘Mount Everest’ for ‘Mounts, Lakes and Mountains’

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday unveiled the tallest mountain range in the world, “Mount Everest” for “Mounts,” in a bid to attract international attention.

The mountain range covers more than 6,300 square kilometers, with peaks of Mount Everest at 7,848 meters (22,000 feet) and Mount Everest-1,700 meters (25,500 feet) at the base.

The highest peak on the “Mountains, Lakes, Mountains” list is Mt.

Everest, with a peak elevation of 11,737 meters (36,000 foot).

The highest lake on the list is Lake Titicaca, at 8,926 meters (33,600 foot).

The government said the new mountains were built for tourists, but that a government committee had commissioned a geological survey to determine the extent of the area and determine its geographical features.

“Mount Everest is a symbol of India’s history and heritage, and we have to take responsibility for its future development,” Modi said.

The prime minister said the country was also trying to promote the idea of “Mounties” on a larger scale.

The government’s tourism department is now looking for such an officer.

The “Mounting Everest” listing comes a year after Modi launched a campaign to encourage tourism.

In January, the government launched a series of “India’s Mount Everest” campaigns, which include a national day of hiking in July, and a special tour of the world’s tallest peak in August.

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