How to make a beautiful, colorful chilean mountainscape

How to make a beautiful, colorful chilean mountainscape

I’ve seen the mountain range on a few occasions.

And I’ve tried to recreate it in Photoshop, but it always turns out a bit too simple.

So I finally got to work.

My first attempt at creating the chileans mountainscape was using an old, washed-out, gray background.

As it turns out, it’s a pretty simple and colorful image.

Then I started messing around with the colors.

Here’s the result of that process.

I started out with a bright blue palette that’s just a tad darker than the rest of the mountainscape.

But then I added some brighter colors in the background and finally added some greens to the palette.

The colors look a little brighter and more vibrant than I would’ve liked, so I tweaked the image to show that more.

Finally, I used a brighter, warmer color palette to bring the image out more.

I tried this technique with a simple black background and a white foreground.

But once again, I got this very ugly result.

That’s what happened to me when I tried to create the chiles mountain range using Photoshop’s gradient tool.

I wanted the mountains to be a little bit more colorful, so after some tweaking I added in some greens, then some greens again, and finally some greens.

But I still ended up with this ugly image.

Here’s how it looked after tweaking the gradient color.

The result looked pretty ugly to me.

I decided to use Photoshop’s built-in color grading tools to fix that.

I used the Gradient Tool to blend in a bit of blue and a little of green.

Then I used Color Tool to add a little more color to the image.

I’m glad I did this!

This gives the image a bit more life, and the color gradient looks better.

Now that I had my image looking nice, I had to add some text to it.

I started with some basic text that I used to write the name of my first company.

And here it is!

The text I added to the chiles mountain range.

The text looks very nice, but I didn’t want it to look like something I could just drop in the image and it would look perfect.

So, I decided to add more text.

I chose a few words, and then used the Text Brush to add lines of text.

Here are a few lines of words I added with the Text Brushes to add color and character to the mountain landscape.

I think the final result is a pretty cool chileas mountainscape!

And the end result!

The mountainscape has become a real favorite for many people.

There are many photos on Instagram that show off this chileanes mountainscape and many people have even taken it for themselves to show off their work.

So, what did you think of my chileadas mountainscape?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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