How the Angolan mountain range’s diamond mines are killing wildlife

How the Angolan mountain range’s diamond mines are killing wildlife

Posted July 19, 2018 06:24:53A study published in Nature found that the diamond mines in the Angolans high-risk diamond belt are killing animals by poisoning their blood.

The study found that miners who were poisoned in their veins could bleed for months after the operation.

“These findings demonstrate the value of blood diamonds to both mining and the community in terms of the long-term sustainability of these diamond mines,” said lead author Dr Elizabeth Tse of the University of Adelaide.

“Diamonds are one of the few metals with proven biological activity that can persist in the environment for thousands of years.”

The researchers collected samples from 14 Angolan high-threat diamond mines.

They found that all mines had injected diamond dust into the veins of animals they had worked with.

Some mines injected the dust directly into the animals’ blood, others injected it into the blood of animals and then into their meat, and still others injected the particles into the bloodstream of animals after injecting them with diamonds.

The diamonds were also injected into the body of animals that had been exposed to dust contaminated with dust contaminated by the mine.

The researchers found that some miners injected the diamonds into the lungs of animals while some injected them directly into their bloodstreams.

In some cases, the miners injected their diamonds into their own blood.

Other miners injected them into the animal’s intestines, which is when the animals began to bleed.

Animals also died from bleeding caused by the diamonds’ embedded needles.

“It is an extraordinary example of the impact that diamond mining can have on animals in this region,” Dr Tse said.

“The mines in Angolan are very large, and the population of the Angola mountain range is increasing rapidly.

These mines are a very significant risk to the species in the area, as well as to the surrounding environment.”

The study also found that mining companies injecting diamonds into blood had the potential to harm animals’ immune systems.

The animals’ bodies are protected by the immune system, and when the diamond dust enters their bloodstream, the immune cells are able to recognize it and attack the diamonds.

“There is a lot of work being done to understand how diamond dust can harm animals,” Dr Paul Molloy from the University and Institute of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICNNR) said.

ICNNR is a national network of world-leading researchers who work in areas of environmental, wildlife and sustainable development.

The ICN NR is a partnership between the University’s School of Forestry and the Institute of Environmental Studies.

The research is part of ICN’s Diamonds to the Future programme.

Dr Molloys research group has been working in the diamond belt since the 1960s.

“I have seen the effects of diamond mining in Angola.

I’ve seen animals die.

I have seen human suffering,” he said.

Dr Tsellos research group also finds evidence that the mines are damaging the environment.

“In a study conducted by the Anglophone research group in the 1970s, it was found that animals died in the vicinity of the diamond mining operations, with many dying after they had been injected with diamond dust and exposed to diamond dust contaminated air.

The effect of this exposure on the animals was also found to be devastating,” Dr Molls said.

The Angolan government has launched an investigation into the diamonds mining industry, and is planning to launch a public awareness campaign to warn the public about the health risks of the industry.

“We need to stop this industry, because it has a huge impact on the environment,” Dr John Hodge, a researcher with the Anglorian National Institute of Environment and Sustainability, said.

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